Father’s Day Run

The past two years for father’s day we participated in a local 5 km race. This year, being busy with others things, we did not register for the race. I still managed to get out for a run this morning.

Being due at my in-laws for father’s day brunch at 10:30 I decided to pack up my daughter in her Chariot and run to their place, leaving the house a couple hours before we were due for brunch.

This would involve an approximately 18 km run based on the route I planned to take. In case you are wondering, the above picture was taken as we ran along the Ottawa River in behind the Parliament Buildings which you can see in the background.

Today was another hot one so I made sure to pack a bottle of e-load for the run. I also ended packing a bag of dried mango for a snack, which turned out to be a great idea because my daughter loved them and I had a few pieces as well for a few extra carbs later in the run.

We ended doing 18.5 km in 1:38 and since we were the first to arrive I took advantage and dove into the pool to cool off.

How did you spend father’s day? Did you go for a run?


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