Running in the Heat

We have had a slow start to summer here so far but now we are finally seeing warmer temperatures during the day. While hotter temperatures are certainly welcome it does mean making adjustments to running schedules.

In terms of my running schedule, for now I am continuing to run home from work in the evenings. Last year when it got hotter I completed most of my runs early in the morning before heading to work as a way to beat the heat. In order to have time to get in an 8-10 km run I would have to leave the house around 5:30-6:00. With a toddler at home who currently gets up around 5:00-5:30 heading for an early morning run during the week is a little more difficult right now.

One solution for me would be to be a little organized the night before by preparing my lunch for the next day, getting my running clothes out for the morning and heading to bed earlier so I can just head out for a run with my daughter in her Chariot in the morning.

For now I will probably continue to run home from work in the evenings but if we do start to see even hotter days I will try to get myself organized to start running early in the morning again.

Running in the heat also brings up the issue of proper hydration. You can check out this post for tips on proper hydration when running in the heat. I generally do not bring anything to drink with me unless I am headed out for more than 20 km but on really hot days I make sure to always bring something with me to be on the safe side.

What changes do you make to your running routine when the weather gets hotter?

2 thoughts on “Running in the Heat”

  1. Getting used to the heat is difficult. It has taken me a few weeks but I am now starting to get used to it. Hydration is one of the hardest parts to work into the changes. I wish I could run home from work, but alas it is too far at 17 miles. I planned on running to work a few times during my last marathon training but was injured and had to cut my long runs back before I could get it done. To do it I would have to leave home by about 4:30 which is doable. The harder part would be to plan ahead and have my clothes and computer at work. I carry my computer back and forth every day since I am in IT and need it in the event of an after hours emergency — excuses! 🙂

  2. 17 miles would be quite the run to work. I’m lucky, work is approximately 5-6 miles from home for me so it is not a bad run after work and if I need I can easily add an extra 1-2 miles around the neighbourhood.

    I run home with my clothes in my backpack and that is enough to haul, especially during the winter when I have boots and my winter jacket. Could not imagine doing it with a laptop.

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