You have likely heard of the benefits of cross-training for runners before. I have to admit, other than a regular stretching routine I have not really added any cross-training to my training.

Right now the only other activity I participate in is soccer. I mentioned on here before that I played indorr soccer at noon hour over the winter months at work. My summer rec-league season started tonight since I skipped the first three games

I enjoy playing soccer but every now and then I get a reminder it is not necessariy a great companion to training for a road race. The quick starts and stops can be hard on the joints and tonight I was involved in a knee on knee collision while chasing the ball. Fortunately my knee is a little stiff but other wise fine. I should not miss more than one planned run if I do decide to skip a run tomorrow.

If you want more information on the best cross-training for runners check out this article. You can also check this article for the four keys to cross-training for runners.

if you do incorporate cross-training into your training routine what do you prefer?

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