Race Weekend is Here!

Race Weekend is officially here once again.Last night I picked up my race kit and today the distance markers are up and the road barriers are set up along the routes in preparation to block roads tomorrow.

This will be my 6th straight year participating, starting with the 5 km race in 2006. After that came the 10 km and the half-marathon. This year will be my third straight year running the Ottawa Marathon.

Since I started participating in Race Weekend events this weekend has become one of my favourite times of the year. It is now something I look forward to every year. I enjoy the fact that it is one of the times that our normally quiet and reserved city comes to life with excitement every year.

Of course every year there are the usual complaints about road closures and how they “disrupt” people’s lives but those attitudes really seem to be in the minority here. Race Weekend runners enjoy great support from large crowds along the course, especially the final 2 km leading to the finish line.

As for what remains of my training, I had planned an easy 8 km run yesterday but it was raining and I did a lot of work in the garden earlier in the yard. I decided to take an extra day of rest to get my legs ready for Sunday. Tomorrow I will go for a very leisurely 3 km run for my final training run. Other than that I will try and stay off my feet as much as possible tomorrow. I may even throw in a nap or two!

Sunday I will be following my usual routine of getting up at 3:30 to have breakfast consisting of a bowl of oatmeal, a banana and toast with peanut butter. Following breakfast I will head back to bed and try to catch a couple more ours of sleep before I have to get ready.

I will make two changes this year in the hope that being lighter will help me shave a few minutes off my time. As mentioned several times recently, I will be wearing a pair of Mizuno Wave Ronin 3’s instead of my usual trainers. I will also be leaving my water bottle belt at home and will opt instead for Gatorade and water from the aid stations.

Hopefully by the time I reach this point Sunday I will feel like those decisions were worthwhile..

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