Today’s “Rest” Day

As I mentioned yesterday today was scheduled to be a rest day for me in terms of running. While I did not go for a run today but it certainly was a busy day.

Since today was a statutory holiday here, my wife and I planned to do some work in the backyard to get the garden ready for planting our vegetables. If you want to read more about the project you can check out her blog here.

For me the project mainly involved hauling 24 x 24 patio stones, at 77 ibs each,  from the driveway to the backyard and lining them up in the frame to build the raised bed. I lost count but I think my father in law and I handled about 44 patio stones today!

Here is a picture of the finished project, minus dirt which will arrive tomorrow…

I am not sure how today will impact my planned schedule of runs this week but so far I am feeling good. No aches or sore muscles so far. Even if that changes by tomorrow morning I figure I can drop tomorrow’s run if necessary for an extra day of rest without much of an impact on my remaining training schedule before next Sunday’s Ottawa Marathon.

On the schedule for tomorrow is an easy 8 km run which I am hoping to be able to get in before I head to work.

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