Marathon Profile: Berlin Marathon

Tonight I decided to profile a European marathon for the first time. Tonight’s profile is the Berlin Marathon.

Due to the fact that six world records have been broken since 1998, including Haile Gebrselassie’s current record of 2:04, Berlin bills itself as the world’s fastest marathon course. In addition to a fast course, if you want to run in a city full of history├é┬áthe largest single day sporting event in Berlin is certainly a good choice.

The course passes a number of prominent historic sites as it winds its way through the city – the Reichstag, Berlin Cathedral, Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church before ending at the Brandenburg Gate.

This one is of particular interest to me since I spent four years in Germany due to the fact my father was in the military. Unfortunately Berlin was one part of the country I did not get a chance to visit.

If you are interested in registering for this one be sure to register early. Despite its large field, this year’s race soldout in February.

Interested in more info? Read some race reviews here.

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