Running in Race Flats

As already mentioned, I bought myself a pair of Mizuno Wave Ronin 3 race flats over the weekend with the intention of wearing them for the Ottawa Marathon. I bought them hoping lighter shoes would help me shave a few more minutes off my time.

The Mizunos weigh 7 oz. compared to 11.8 oz. for my usual New Balance 860.

Tonight I had my first run in the Mizunos. My plan is to wear them this week and next week in order to work them in and to make sure I have no issues running in them. Tonight I ended up doing an easy 12 km run.

Obviously there is a different feel to them than my New Balance trainers. The main differences are that yes they do feel lighter on my feet and the other noticeable difference is that the difference in cushioning is noticeable. It felt different in them and I am not sure if my form chabged because of that. It would have been interesting to see if I was running with primarily a heal strike as I tend to in my trainers.

Tonight’s run went well once I got going, no issues with the race flats so far. There were a few instances where I caught myself going faster than I intended to without realizing it and had to remind myself that it was just an easy run and that I needed to slow down. I am looking forward to using them for my tempo run Thursday!

Do you run in race flats? Have you tried them?

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