Since there are only 13 days left before the Ottawa Marathon, I am in the taper phase of my training. For those who are not familiar with the term, it is when you reduce your mileage during the final weeks of your training in order to rest your legs and recover in order to be ready for race day.

This week that means dropping down to about 62 km after being up over 80 km for the past few weeks. After yesterday’s long run today has been a rest day. Tomorrow I will go for an easy 12 km run on a hilly route, Wednesday I will go for an easy 6.5 km run, Thursday I will go for a 12 km run with 8 km at my goal marathon pace, Friday will be another rest day followed by another easy 6.5 km run on Saturday.

Next week my mileage will decrease again with my plan calling for 45 km. Following a 20 km run on the Sunday I will take a rest day Monday, run 8 km on a hilly route Tuesday, go for an easy 6.5 km run Wednesday, run 8 km with 5 km at my goal marathon pace Thursday, rest Friday and go for my final training run on the Saturday which will be a 3 km easy run to stretch out my legs.

After hitting the peak mileage in my training plan my legs certainly feel like they could use a bit of a rest before race day. In that sense the taper phase will definitely be welcomed.

One thing I will have to be more aware of is my calorie intake as the reduction in mileage will mean that I will also be burning less calories each day. I will have to remind myself that I won’t be able to eat s much as I have been during the peak mileage points of my training.

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