Friday Night Easy Run

Ever have one of those where you planned to run late in the day but when the time comes you feel tired and try to justify skipping your run? That is what my day was like today. I had planned to run home after work – 16 km with 13 km at marathon pace.

By the time came for me to leave the office I just did not feel like running home. The reason is that I was up late with my daughter last night who was sick. As a result, I had myself convinced that I should just take the bus home as I started to leave my office.

I am not sure what it was but I ended up having second thoughts that led me to turn around and go back to get changed for a run. I did not end up doing my intended tempo run but I did get in 9.7 km in 49 minutes leaving me with tomorrow to do my tempo run.

Tonight’s run left me with 73 km so far this week. Tomorrow’s run will put up to about 90 km which is right where I wanted to be this week.

An added bonus to the run is that I felt better after the run and had an extra burst of energy when I got home.

Have you had days where you ignored thoughts of skipping your run and felt better for it afterward?

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