Marathon Profile: Pikes Peak Marathon

A gain of almost 6,000 vertical feet in the first 10 miles and over 2,000 vertical remaining over the next three miles. Then you get to turn around and run back down. Sound like the type of challenge you are looking for? Billed as ”America’s Ultimate Challenge”, The Pikes Peak Marathon might be for you.

Pikes Peak Marathon takes place in Manitou Springs Colorado which is six miles from Colorado Springs. The total elevation gain in the race is 7,815′ and if the elevation and thin air are not enough, the temperature has often risen by more than 30 degrees by the time runners reach the summit and head back down or it could also snow.

Check out this profile of the course…

Obviously this race presents a much tougher challenge than your average marathon due to the elevation, nature of the terrain and possible weather changes. I can’t begin to imagine how tough this race would be to complete. It is most likely one that I will never do but I can certainly see the appeal to taking up this challenge. It would be impressive to say that you have completed ”America’s Ultimate Challenge”.

If you are interested in more info and want to read what runners who have completed the race have to say about it head here to read reviews.

Have you run Pikes Peak? Is it on your list of to do races?

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