Looking Forward to a Day of Rest

As I completed my run home tonight the signs were there that I definitely need a day of rest tomorrow. Fortunately that is what I had originally scheduled.

Tonight I just ended up doing an easy 10 km run after work. My legs felt tired and heavy almost from the start so there was no concern of pushing the pace too hard tonight.

It is not surprising that I am starting to feel the mileage now as I have hit the peak of my mileage in training. Just this past week I ended up completing 88 km since my last rest day which was last Monday.

Included in that was a series of 10 Yasso 800’s Saturday and a 32 km run yesterday before I made it to tonight’s 10 km run.

Fortunately indoor soccer season is finished at work and I won’t be interrupting my rest day by playing soccer over the lunch hour. With a full day of rest tomorrow my legs should be ready for my last round of speedwork Wednesday and 13 km at marathon pace on Friday.

Of course next week I will be decreasing my mileage and will have more time to rest my legs for race day.

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