Last 32 km (20 mile) Run

As I mentioned before, today was my last scheduled 32 km run before the Ottawa Marathon. Getting the final 32 km run out of the way is a good feeling as it means race day is near and I can start to reduce my mileage as I taper before race day.

This morning I decided to head out and do the remaining portion of the marathon course that I have not yet trained on this year. I initially planned to start this run at my usual slow pace and try to pick up the pace over the last 10 km or so. Since I did Yasso 800’s yesterday I was not sure how that would play out.

I’ve previously written about the fact that I do not run with music but occasionally end up with certain songs stuck in my head. That was the case today. Today’s song was a bit unexpected. What was it you ask? Here you go…

That’s right, Big Bird! That’s what happens when you try to entertain an 18 month old by watching videos on You Tube. It’s kind of funny to run for nearly three hours with a Sesame Street song stuck in your head. I certainly did not expect to be writing about Big Bird when I started this blog and I don’t imagine you expected to end up reading about Sesame Street when you started reading this post.

I ended up completing the 32 km in 2:43 and did manage to pick up the pace over the last 10 km with my pace staying at or near my goal pace for the marathon.

As for what it is left of my training, it feels good to have the final 32 km run out of the way. I will certainly enjoy being able to reduce my mileage as I taper during the last three weeks before race day.

6 thoughts on “Last 32 km (20 mile) Run”

  1. Wow, are you running the Big Sur Marathon? If so, I’m a very jealous lady!! Enjoy your taper and hopefully nail your race!! 🙂

  2. Nice time. Pretty weird situation with the Big Bird song :cD
    Last week I ran my 25k without music because when I ran the Scotia Bank Half Marathon in Montreal on april 17 (it was my first organised run) having to deal with the other runners, the excitement of the race, the not so great weather, the hamster spinning in my head and the music it felt like too much stuff at the same time. But I did my 32k yesterday with music. I’ll bring it in Ottawa but won’t necessarely use it all along. I,ll see how I feel.

    1. I had my i-pod for my first marathon and it has been my worst one so far. It is not the only reason I had a tough day but I have adjusted to running without music now.

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