Marathon Profile: Big Sur International Marathon

Tonight I decided to profile a race that just took place this past weekend. Tonight’s profile is the Big Sur International Marathon. This is another one that I would like to run  but likely will not have a chance to run. Although, my wife and I have not yet been to California so I may be able to sell her on the idea of going one year!

The Big Sur International Marathon runs between Big Sur and Carmel. It is the largest rural marathon world. The course its way through redwood trees and offers impressive views of the Pacific Ocean. I think the pictures posted here speak for themselves.

Due to the hills along the way it might not be the ideal course to set a personal record on but if you are looking for a scenic race there are few that could match Big Sur.

If you are interested in more info you can read some reviews here.

Have you run the Big Sur International before? Are you planning to run it in the future?

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