One Month to go Until Race Day

As of today there is one month left until the Ottawa Marathon. That means that I am currently at the peak of my training and will soon start tapering. I only have one 32 km (20 mile) run left in this training cycle which I will be dooing a week from Sunday.

So far I am pleased with my training. Despite a busy schedule, I have only had to skip a couple runs and cut my distance short on a couple of occasions.

Following my run tomorrow I will finish the month of April with a total of approximately 335 km.My 16 km run tonight, including 13 km at marathon pace, has me sitting at 322 km right now.

One thing that I have enjoyed during this training cycle is the fact that each of my speed work sessions has been different so far. I have been using one of Bart Yasso‘s training plans whih has had me run Yasso 800’s, a ladder workout and run 1 mile followed by 800 metre jogs so far. I think it has made it easier to get motivated for my speed work session than in previous occasions when I simply did intervals at a track.

I guess I will know in a month whether it has paid off or whether there is anything in my training that I should have changed but for now I feel good going into my final few weeks of training.

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