Easy Run Thursday

With 90 + km logged last week and a similar pace this week I am reaching the peak point of my training for the Ottawa Marathon.

My legs are starting to feel it too. I cut my speed work short last night because my legs felt tired although that probably had more to the fact that I ended up playing indoor soccer at work on Tuesday which probably was not the best way to spend what was supposed to be a rest day following my long run Monday.

The good news is that after a shorter than expected run yesterday and some use of the foam roller my legs felt better tonight when I headed out for my 12 km easy run. I ended up finishing the run in 1:01 tonight.

As I have already mentioned a couple of times, I did not get into the New York Marathon via the lottery yesterday. As a result, I am considering other options for another fall marathon. Right now I am leaning towards the Philadelphia Marathon in November. From the feedback have received so far it certainly sounds like a fun event. Have you run the Philadelphia Marathon before? If so I’d be interested in any feedback you can provide.

I am also still open to other options that are not too far from home. Let me know if there are other fall (October or November) races you would recommend.

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