Time for New Shoes Again

With over 500 km on my current pair of shoes and given that I took advantage of a Groupon offer for a discount on footwear at one of the local running stores the other day, I am planning on buying a new pair of shoes this weekend. With a little over a month left before race day this pair will be the one to get me through the Ottawa Marathon.

I guess it has to do with me looking to find any possible advantage I can in order to help me in my goal to run a Boston qualifying time but I have been debating whether it would be worthwhile to get a lighter pair of shoes for my speedwork and race day.

My current pair of shoes are New Balance 760. It is also the model of shoes I wore during the Prince Edward County Marathon in October. Before that I ran two Ottawa marathons in New Balance 769 shoes.

Given that the New Balance 760 has been discontinued I will be getting a new model of shoe regardless of what I decide this weekend. The question is whether I just move up to the New Balance 860 and/or do I look into getting myself a lighter pair of shoes for my speedwork sessions and for race day.

I will likely play it safe and just buy a pair of New Balance 860 but I do intend to ask this question when I go shopping this weekend. What do you think? Do you use a lighter shoe for race day and for your speedwork sessions?

2 thoughts on “Time for New Shoes Again”

  1. I’ll be interested to see what you decide to get. I’ve only run in 769/760s too and although I still have an extra pair of 760s that I can go to, I’ll need to make the same decision as you after that. When I bought the 760s I also tried on a pair of Mizuno Wave Inspires and almost bought those. They were definitely lighter but they didn’t have the wider size in at the time. I got the Groupon too so I may try the Mizunos next time.

  2. I went straight from the 769 to the 760. I did not look at anything else. I have not had any issues with them so going to the 860 probably would not be a big deal. I just want to take a closer look before I make the decision this time.

    I will post an update this weekend.

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