Ottawa Physio Race

As I mentioned yesterday, today was the last of the three shorter races I registered for as part of my preparation for the Ottawa Marathon.Today it was the Ottawa Physio Race.

Today’s course was the exact same course as the 10 km race I ran on St Patrick’s Day.

Much like yesterday, it was cool, windy and rainy at the start of the race. I started off at my usual 10 km pace of just under 4:30/km but had a hard time maintaining that pace as we were running into a strong headwind. I also did not want to push too hard early on since I did my long run yesterday.

The sun started to come out as I reached the turnaround point and with the wind at my back I had no trouble picking up the pace. My last three km were my fastest today as I maintained a pace of 4:00-4:20/km over the final three km.

My final time today was 4:42, about 40 seconds slower than my result on St Patrick’s Day. Not bad considering I did a long run yesterday and the conditions at the start of the race.


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