Race Report: Minto Run for Reach

As mentioned yesterday, this morning was my latest race. This morning I raced a half-marathon.

Since I had 32 km on my schedule for today I ended up getting an early start to my day. I headed out the door just before 7:00. With the race starting at 8:00 this gave me about 45-50 minutes for an early run. I ended up running 8.2 km, getting to the start line about 20 minutes before the start of the race.

The race itself went well. I ended finishing in 1:36:06 which is quicker than my previous half-marathon best of 1:39:15 and the 1:37 that it took me to complete the first half of the Prince Edward County Marathon in October.

The weather was perfect for a race today. It was warm enough for me to head out in shorts and a long sleeve shirt when I left the house and while I needed the long sleeves early on, I had them rolled up before the start of the half-marathon.

As I mentioned yesterday, the course was an out and back course of a total of 10 km, meaning half-marathoners had to complete two laps of the course. It was a relatively flat course along the Rideau Canal.

On my second lap I ended up receiving some unexpected advice from a coach. The coach was along the side of the course watching for runners from a group he had helped train. He thought I looked like one of the runners from the group. He ended up running with me for a bit and provided some advice about my posture. He noticed my shoulders were scrunched up and suggested I lower my arms in order to relax my shoulders which would allow my lungs to take in more air.

I tried to keep this bit of advice in mind for the rest of the race and would like to think it helped. I will certainly keep it in mind as I continue my marathon training.

In terms of my result, I am pleased I was able to beat my previous personal best in the half-marathon. Who knows, if I was really focused on my half-marathon time and had not run last night or prior to the race I might have been able to knock a few minutes off my finishing time. That is for another time. For now I think setting a personal best on legs that had not been rested could be a good thing in terms of my marathon training, especially for the later stages of the marathon.

As I mentioned earlier, I had 32 km on my schedule today. The half-marathon brought me up to 29.3 km. Following the race I stopped briefly to stretch then ran home at a very relaxed pace for another 1.8 km. In total today I ended up with 31.1 km in 2:33.

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