Speed Work

I resumed my training tonight with an easy run after work. I felt good, other than a sore hip from falling while playing indoor soccer at work over my lunch break (probably not the best activity to engage in while training for a marathon).

On the schedule for tomorrow is my first set of speed work during this training cycle. Like hill repeats speed work is a workout that I have a hard time getting excited about before starting but always feel good about after finishing. I am not sure what it is but I always feel good after pushing myself through an intense hill repeat or speed work training.

As mentioned, tomorrow will be my first speed work training during this training cycle. I am currently following one of Bart Yasso‘s training programs which calls for a few different versions of speed work instead of just calling for intervals at a track.

Tomorrow my workout calls for 12 km including 1 mile at my 10 km race pace followed by a 1/2 mile jog x 3.

Since I am using one of Bart Yasso‘s training plans I will also be doing Yasso 800’s for speed work in future weeks. I will be sure to post about my experience when I try my first set especially if my average time predicts I will finish the marathon close to my goal time.

Do you include speed work in your training?

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