Rest Day Monday

After a few intense workouts on my legs since Wednesday – hill repeats Wednesday, a tempo run Friday, a day of skiing Saturday and a long run yesterday my legs were starting to feel tired. As a result,  I am enjoying a day of rest before I resume my training tomorrow.

Since I am not running today I have been doing a bit of reading about running. Earlier I came across an article about the Top 10 Marathons Around the Globe as selected by

Of course the list includes some of the standard marathons that are on everyone’s bucket list – Boston, New York City, London, Berlin. However there are also a few that I would not have thought of before reading the article. It also leaves me with a few more ideas for marathons to profile.

What do you think of the list? Have you completed any of these marathons so far or are you planning on running them in the future? Are there other marathons that did not make the list that you think should be there?

I also came across this story about Gladys Burrill who was honoured by the Hawaii House of Representatives for being the oldest woman to finish a marathon. She completed the Honolulu Marathon last year at the age of 92! I don’t know about you but I think that is an amazing record.

In terms of my training, I will be back on rack tomorrow with an easy 12 km run to get me ready for my first round of speedwork on Wednesday.

2 thoughts on “Rest Day Monday”

  1. It’s an odd list, made up of mainly bigger marathons. The big ones are on my to-do list but I’m also drawn by medium sized races. Flying Pig was one of my favourites for example. So many others that offer scenic routes.

  2. I agree it is an odd list. My experience is limited so far as I have only run Ottawa (this year will be my third time) and Prince Edward County. There are others that I would have put on my top 10 list ahead of some of the ones in this list.

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