Running After a Day of Rest

After a rest day yesterday I had an easy run on the schedule for tonight. I am not sure what it is but I find it generally takes me me a few minutes to get into a run following a day off. Either I start too quickly or I start too slowly.

Take tonight’s run. I was planning an easy run of about 10 km. I felt like I started off too quickly, although I find that is especially easy to do when the sun is shining and there isn’t a cloud in the sky as was the case tonight. It took me the first 1.5-2 km to really feel comfortable running steadily at my intended easy pace.

In the end I managed to slow things down and finished with 9km in 45 minutes or 5:00/km which is about where I want be for my slow runs.

How do you find your first runs after a rest day? Do you have difficulty getting back into your rhythm?

Next up for me tomorrow is my first set of hill repeats. and a total distance of 14 km. I have been trying to run a hillier course at least once a week since I started my training for the Ottawa Marathon but this will be my first set of hill repeats – this is where you find a decent sized hill and run up it at or near race pace then jog back down the hill before starting your next repeat. I will be doing 7 repeats tomorrow.

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