End of Week 6

After a 10 km run home from work tonight week 6 of my training for the Ottawa Marathon is coming to an end. This means that I am getting close to the midpoint of my training schedule and I will be getting in my first 20 mile long runs over the next few weeks.

Since I started following my 16 week training program at the beginning of last month I have run 466 km. By the end of the month I should be close to 300 km for the month of March alone as I have already completed 223 km.

Of course in April I will quickly surpass that mileage as I reach the peak of my training mileage with the previously mentioned 20 mile long runs and longer runs during the week that will push me to 100 km weekly totals on a couple of occasions.

Tomorrow I plan to get my weekend off to a fine start with a 28 km run first thing in the morning. I will be off to bed shortly so I can wake up and head out the door first thing in the morning What are your plans for the weekend?

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