2 Run Day

Since I was unable to fit in my run yesterday due to the weather and other commitments I am planning to do two runs today. Fortunately for me I have to go into work a little later today so it was easy to fit in a morning run today.

As mentioned, I did not get in a run yesterday due in part to the weather. The region was under a heavy snowfall with 15-20 cm of snow expected by this morning. I had planned to do my my run later last night but with the snow starting around 8:00 that was out of the question.

Enter my plan to do two runs today. I am aiming for a total of approximately 20 km today. Rest assured that I do not plan to make this a regular occurence I am trying it today in order to hit my intended weekly mileage and also in part to see if I can do it. However, I won’t be planning this again unless I absolutely have to.

I headed out the door just before 7:00 for my first run. I ended up doing 9.3 km around the neighbourhood  in 50 minutes. That was about as quick as I could go along the snow covered roads and sidewalks this morning, wet and heavy snow I should add.

This evening I am planning a run of about 10-11km from work in order to get me up to 20 km for the day. My stuff is already packed and ready to go with me when I head to work shortly.

UPDATE: I completed my second run today in completely different conditions than the first one. This morning I ran in the snow while this evening I ran in the rain and spent my time dodging big puddles. I managed to complete 8.7 km in 46 minutes, giving me a total of 18 km today!

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