This Morning’s in the Slush and Snow

Yesterday it almost felt like spring was on the way here as it rained all day and the temperature was above 0 all day. However, with freezing temperatures and snowfall in the forecast overnight that would be short lived.

I expected the conditions to be messy when I headed out for my run this morning and I was not wrong as many of the roads and sidewalks had yet to be plowed and instead were covered in snow and puddles of slush.

Here is an example of the puddles I faced along my run this morning. It’s no wonder both of my feet were soaked after about 5-6 km!

Here is another example of the conditions this morning.

Finally here is what my shoes looked like when I got back home.

Fortunately I only had 16 km on the schedule today instead of the 24 km on the schedule for last Sunday and next Sunday. I am not sure if I would have been able to go much further as the conditions made it feel like had run more than 16 km already!

3 thoughts on “This Morning’s in the Slush and Snow”

  1. That first picture is my running nightmare. You would have had soaked feet after running three steps in those. Nice feeling getting it in though, right?

  2. It certainly did not take long to get soaked feet. It is my worst nightmare as well. There were a couple times where I did not have a choice but to go through that stuff.

    It definitely felt good to get my mileage in.

  3. Wow and I thought I was brave for running in the (light) snow. That’s something else! The worst I find about snow/ice/slush is the slipperyness and the changes you have to make to your running style as a result. Kind of the opposite to running on sand (also a pain…)

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