My First Race of the Year

My first race of the year is a week from today. I will be running the 10 km next Saturday.

I am not sure what to expect in terms of a time as I have not really set a goal for myself going into this one. I signed up for it so I could get in an extra race before the Ottawa Marathon in May.

My current best in a 10 km race is 43:14 which I ran at the Diefenbooker Classic in early May of last year. That race was also my last 10 km race. My most recent race at a similar distance was a time of 33:30 in an 8 km race in November.

There are two aspects to this race that could work to my advantage.

First, I know the route for the St Patrick’s Day race better than most routes here in Ottawa – Pretoria Bridge to Heron Bridge and back. With the start line for the race being located just a few blocks from my house I run at least part of this route just about every day.

Second, the route for this race is relatively flat as it follows the Rideau Canal. There are only two hills to go up just before the turnaround point. Neither is a big hill and since they are close to the turnaround point I will be running back down them not long after.

Based on my 8 km result in November and my training since I think my result next week will end up being close to my 10 km from last May.  I will be sure to post a report next Saturday following the race.


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