Random Thoughts for Sunday

This morning I had planned on doing 24 km. Since I ended up leaving the house a little later than planned I ended up with just over 21 km. The run brought my monthly total to 243 km. With another run scheduled for tomorrow I will finish with a total of just over 250 km in february. Not a bad start to my training for the Ottawa Marathon.

Speaking of the Ottawa Marathon, I read yesterday that the route changes are about a week away from being announced. I am curious to see what changes they will make to the course for the marathon as I have run it two years in a row now and I regularly use portions of it for my training runs. Apparently the goal of the changes is to take in more Ottawa neighbourhoods so maybe the new course will not cross the river into Quebec?

I am curious to how the changes will effect the elevation profile of the course as well as crowd support. The previous course was not especially hilly heading across the river to Quebec afetr the left for some rolling hills in the first 10 km and of course at 30 km you hit the bridge at Heron Rd.

I am also curious to see how the changes will affect crowd support during the marathon. In general marathoners in Ottawa enjoy good crowd support. Of course some areas of the course were better for that than others but in general the course made it fairly easy for friends and family to get out and support you along the way.

One final note about Race Weekend in Ottawa this year. Spots in the races appear to be selling quickly if you have not yet registered.

Finally, I noticed this morning that Chilean miner Edison Pena completed his second marathon since being rescued in October. He finished the Tokyo Marathon and managed to shave more than 30 minutes of his time from New York City in November. Pretty impressive when you consider how long he spent trapped in the mine!

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