Marathon Profile: Philadelphia Marathon

This is the second in my new weekly feature of profiling marathons. Tonight’s profile is the Philadelphia Marathon.

The Philadelphia Marathon takes place in November, making it one of the later ones of the year. From what I have read the marathon offers a relatively flat course with good crowd support along the way.

The course starts and finishes downtown near the Philadelphia art Museum, you can take the time to run up the stairs in front of the Philadelphia Art Museum like Rocky while you are at it!

One thing to watch for when it comes to the Philadelphia Marathon is their presence at other marathon expos. They are here in Ottawa at the race expo every year. I forget how much of a discount they offer but they always offer a discount code for registration to the marathon.

Another bonus about the Philadelphia Marathon is the timing. Given that it takes place in November it gives you a couple few more weeks of training in cooler weather as opposed to other fall marathons where most of your training takes place over the summer months.

That said, the timing can also be a downfall as runners looking for a late season race to qualify for the Boston Marathon will likely be out of luck due to how quickly that race is now selling out.

If you are interested in reading more about the Philadelphia Marathon head here to read some reviews.

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