My Run

The other day I came across a running movie that I was not aware of. My Run is the story of Terry Hitchcock who decided to run 75 marathons in 75 days after losing his wife to breast cancer. A father of three, he decided to do this in order to bring attention to the challenges faced by single parents.

Here is the trailer for the movie:

The trailer certainly has peaked my interest in the movie. I am interested to see how he manged to keep going despite the toll all those miles must have taken on his body, it works out to 1950 miles or 3165 km in 75 days. I am also interested to see how he was able to bring attention to the lives of single parents.

The movie premieres in theatres on March 31st. Unfortunately I will have to wait until the movie is available on dvd later this year as I was told it will not be shown in Canadian theatres. For my American readers interested in seeing this movie in theatres, head over here to check the listing of where the movie is showing.

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