Online Advice for Runners

The internet provides a great source of information for runners. If you are looking for advice or have general questions there are message boards – Running Mania, Runners World, Running Room – and numerous blogs where you can seek out the answers you are looking for.

As I mentioned earlier this month, I decided to use one of Bart Yasso’s marathon training plans to train for this year’s Ottawa Marathon. This morning I decided to plug my entire training schedule into a Google calendar so I would not have to find mmy copy of Yasso’s My life on the Run and flip to the training programs at the back of the book.

I am currently three weeks into my training. However, when I entered my training schedule into the calendar, I realized that I started following Yasso’s program two weeks early as it is a 16 week program and not an 18 week program like the previous training programs I have used for marathons.

When I realized that I started my training program two weeks early and would be finishing week 3 instead of week 1 when I went out for my run this morning I figured the best approach would be to repeat the week of training I finished after today.

In order to get a second opinion I decided to use Twitter for running advice for the first time today by posing the question to Bart Yasso. I received my answer within an hour, confirming that repeating the week I had just finished was the right approach to take to keep my training on track.

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