Boston Marathon training hampered by snow and ice

My training has not yet been impacted by the weather yet this winter but it certainly can always be a factor when training for a spring marathon.

According to this article the heavy snowfalls in the Northeastern United States so far this year have had an impact some runners’ training schedules for this year’s Boston Marathon.

As for my own training, so far I have had to take an extra rest day due to freezing rain but I have yet not had to postpone any planned runs due to snow or extreme cold – although now that I say this watch Ottawa get hit with a record snowfall or record cold temperatures!

As I have mentioned on here before, I won’t consider running on a treadmill unless the roads and sidewalks are impassable or it is just too cold to be outside for an extended period. How do you deal with the snow and ice, do you still run outside?

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