Random Sunday Morning Thoughts

Since today was shaping up to potentiallly be a busy day I decided to get up early this morning in order to get in my 19 km (12 mile) run. I headed out the door around 5:45 and completed my run in 1:44. A bit slower than I would normally run my long runs but with the packed snow and slush on the sidewalks it was not always easy to maintain a consistent pace.

The run also gave me a chance to try the GU Brew Recovery drink mix I bought yesterday. I bought the Orange Pineapple flavour and so far so good. I did not find it to be ask chalky or grainy tasting as some of the other recovery drinks I have tried.

Speaking of GU products, Tim over at 26.2 Quest is currently running a contest giving away a variety of GU products. Head on over and enter the contest here!

Finally I came across this article earlier about a Belgian runner who just completed 365 marathons in 365 days. Not bad for a person who was diagnosed with asthma as a child and told not to participate in sports!

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