First Full Week of Marathon Training

Week 1 of my marathon training did not exactly go as planned with me being sick all last weekend.

Week 2 is now out of the way after an easy run this morning. I managed to complete the mileage I intended to this week but there were two different phases to the week.

In the first half of the week, my Monday-Wednesday runs were aimed more at taking it easy in order to rebuild my strength. Monday’s run ended up being a 6 km easy run, Tuesday’s run was 8.7 km worth of hills and Wednesday’s run ended up being a 6.2 km easy run.

During the second half of the week I started to feel stronger and was able to keep up with my usual paces. Thursday I managed to complete 8.7 km with 7 km at my tempo pace, last night I ran an easy 9 km run and this morning I completed an easy 8 km run.

In total, I managed to complete 46.8 km this week.

Week 3 starts tomorrow morning with a 19 km (12 mile).

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