Hill Training and Tempo Runs in the Snow

While I like to keep up with my training outside during the winter, snow covered sidewalks and roads make it more difficult to maintain my pace while doing hill training or tempo runs. The slippery conditions mean you have to work harder to hit your intended pace and make it tougher to maintain that pace.

I ran hills Tuesday night before we were hit by the latest storm and the conditions were not much of an issue. Tonight I am planning a tempo run. While the sidewalks were mostly plowed overnight, the conditions will likely still be pretty slippery.

One way in which I try to deal with this is by shifting my hill training and tempo runs to different days when a heavy snowfall is forecasted. Sometimes this is effective and other times it is not but since I do not enjoy running on a treadmill it is something I have to deal with during the winter.

For tonight’s run I am headed out for a 10 km (6 mile) run including a mile warm-up, 7 km at tempo pace (4:30 per km) and a cooldown.

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