I have not been for a run or updated my blog since Thursday. My daughter caught a stomach flu bug last week and it finally caught up with me on Friday.

I don’t like skipping runs but Friday I felt like I had been hit by a truck and I spent most of yesterday in bed. Needless to say running was out of the question and I did not have any motivation to update my blog since then.

Fortunately this bug hit me early in my marathon training instead hitting me in May right before race day.

I decided to call in sick today so I could get more rest and it seems to have done the trick. I am feeling much better now and I am planning to head out shortly for a run. On schedule today is an easy 8 km (5 mile run).

I am looking forward to being able to get my training back on track. It looks like a great day for a run. Although it is cold out (-17 C or -25 with the windchill), least the sun is shining.

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