Hill Training

Hill training might not be everyone’s favourite aspect of marathon training but it is certainly an important aspect as it helps strengthen your legs.

The Ottawa Marathon is not an especially hilly course but there are a few good hills along the way, especially the Heron Bridge around the 30 km mark – I would post a link to the course profile here but they are updating the course and the new map is not yet up.

Hill training was an important part of my training both times I completed the Ottawa Marathon. Both times I included hill repeats, where you find a hill and run up it a set number of times. I used the Running Room 18 week training plan which starts with 4 hills in week 7 and ends with 10 hills in week 13.

As mentioned earlier this week,  I am trying one of Bart Yasso’s plans this time around. This plan recommends finding the hilliest route you can find one day a week for the first 7 weeks followed by a session of hill repeats in week 8.

Ottawa is not the hilliest city around but there are enough hills around that I should be able to find decent routes allowing me to get my hill training in. The true test will come on race day in 18 weeks. I will find out if I pushed myself hard enough during my hill workouts when I hit the Heron Bridge late in the race!

How do you incorporate hill training into your running schedule?

If you are just starting out and are looking for tips on hill training check this page of the Runners World website where you will find helpful articles.

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