Duel in the Sun

While I was away last week I finished reading Duel in the Sun. For those of you who are not familiar with the book, it is about the 1982 Boston Marathon. The race ended up being one of the most memorable Boston Marathons with Alberto Salazar edging Dick Beardsley by just two seconds on hot sunny day in Boston.

The book alternates between a chapter about the marathon followed by chapters about each man. The story about the marathon is impressive as each Salazar and Beardsley run with each other from start to finish pushing themselves to the limit hoping to break the other.

While the result of the marathon was certainly impressive, the story is also tragic in a way as it represented the pinnacle of each man’s running career. Both of their careers went into a rapid decline shortly after the marathon with  Beardsley’s career affected by an injury, a series of accidents and an addition to pain killers while Salazar’s career was affected by a mysterious illness.

If you have any interest in the Boston Marathon or distance running in general the book is certainly worth a read.

In terms of my own running, tonight was run number two of my marathon training program. I went for another easy 8 km (5 mile) run. This time I tried to find a course with a few more hills along the way.

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