Reading Material for my Vacation

I’ve started reading Duel in the Sun which I received for Christmas and am planning on bringing it with me to read while on vacation. With a five hour flight to the West Coast and a five hour flight home involved in this vacation I figured I would probably get through it before the end of the vacation, finding myself in need of more reading material for the flight home.

I took care of tht today when I headed out and picked up a copy of Bart Yasso’s My Life on the Run, another book I had on my list to read. Along with my latest copy of Runner’s World, which came in last week, I figure I should have enough reading material to last through my vacation.

I will be sure to post reviews of both books when I have finished reading them.

2 thoughts on “Reading Material for my Vacation”

  1. I haven’t read either of the two books yet. Thanks for sharing. The Long Run: A New York City Firefighter’s Triumphant Comeback from Crash Victim to Elite Athlete is a good one. He was featured in Runner’s World several times and is an amazing story if you like motivational-type reading. I just finished 50/50: Secrets I Learned Running 50 Marathons in 50 Days — and How You Too Can Achieve Super Endurance! by Dean Karnazes which was more of a journal of his 50 races, but surprisingly had lots of good tips in each chapter. Enjoy your vacation!

  2. Thanks for the suggestions Steve. The Long Run is on my list of books I want to read.

    I am almost finished reading Duel in the Sun. It is also a good read.

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