Aches and Pains

On Tuesday I tweaked something in my left ankle at some point during my run. It is not anything serious but I could still feel it during last night’s run, mainly when I would start running after stopping to wait for a light to change.

This morning I had planned on doing a tempo run but the discomfort was still there so I decided to turn around and head back home after 1.5 km and ended up with a 2.6 km run. With a vacation next week and no upcoming races I decided to take the rest of the day off from running and do my tempo run tomorrow.

Normally when I feel minor aches and pains like this my usual approach is to continue running for a couple of days but if they persist I will take a day or two of rest in order to avoid having them turn into something more serious.

This leads me to a question. What is your approach to minor aches and pains from running? Do you continue running and hope they go away or do you stop right away and rest until they are gone?

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