The Upcoming Week

With last night’s run turning out to be tougher than planned and me being busier than planned today, I decided to take an extra rest day. Tomorrow I am planning another long run, my last before we head to Whistler for a week of skiing.

In addition to a long run tomorrow I am planning to increase my weekly mileage (60 km this week) since I will have a week off running while in Whistler.

My 18 week training plan for the Ottawa Marathon will start the day after we return from Whistler. I am still trying to figure out which training plan I will use this time – for my previous marathons I used the Running Room plan twice and the Runner’s World Smart Coach plan once.

Right now I am leaning toward trying one of Hal Higdon’s advanced plans but I am still open to other options in case anyone wants to share their experiences with one of Higdon’s plans or suggest another option for me to use – keeping in mind that I generally run at the crack of dawn or in the evening as I am leaving work due to the fact that I have a one year-old at home.

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