Just a quick post today about the races I am planning on doing this year.

So far, I am planning on the following for this year:

  • March 12 – St Patrick’s Day run – 10km
  • April 10 – Minto Run for Reach 2011 – Half-Marathon – should I run this at my marathon pace or should I go all out and try to set a personal best at the distance? – my current best time in a half is 1:39:15 although I ran the first half of PEC in 1:37 in October so I know I can beat that time.
  • April 17 – Ottawa Physio Race 10 km – can’t beat a race that starts three blocks from home.
  • May 29 – Ottawa Marathon – my goal race for the year. I will be looking to beat the 3:22 I ran at PEC.
  • August 20 – 5 Peaks Camp Fortune trail race.
  • September 18 – hoping to be a pace bunny for this one again either in the 5 km or half-marathon.

I figure that should keep me going for the year. I may have to add a fall marathon to the schedule if things do not go as planned in May.

What are your race plans for 2011?

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