2010 in Review

I ended off the year today with an 11.5 km run to hit my monthly mileage target of 250 km. The run also gave me a yearly total of 3,104 km (1,928 miles).

Looking back on the year, I think I had a good year in terms of running. Going into 2010 the only goal I had in mind was to improve my time in the marathon. In the end, I accomplished that and more:

  • I ran a 3:32 at the Ottawa Marathon in May.
  • During my marathon training I completed my first weeks of more than 100 km and I completed my first month of more than 400 km.
  • I completed my fist trail race at the 5 Peaks Camp Fortune Race
  • I managed to involve my daughter in my running activites by logging extensive mileage with her in her Chariot (longest run with her was 26 km)
  • I logged my best time in a 10 km race by finishing in just under 43 minutes at the Diefenbooker Classic
  • I ran a fall marathon and improved my time from the spring by 10 minutes with a 3:22 at the Prince Edward County Marathon.
  • I logged my best time in an 8 km race with a 33:30 in the Beat Beethoven race.
  • I was a pace bunny for the first time at the Army Run 5km.
  • Finally, I started this blog.

Going forward in 2011 my main goal will once again be to improve my time in the marathon as I look to qualify for Boston but I will also be looking to build on the other things I accomplished in 2010.

Happy New Year Everyone!

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