Two Sport Day

In addition to running, the other activity I really enjoy participating in as often as I can is downhill skiing. My wife and I regularly ski at the small hills around here. We have also travelled to Switzerland and also to some of the bigger resorts in the Eastern United States – Killington Vt, Jay Peak Vt, Lake Placid NY. This year we are travelling to Whistler. With the trip a few weeks away, we went skiing for the first time this year in order to get a feel for it again.

Since we left early this moning I was unable to go for a run before we left. Wanting to get a few miles in today in order to keep myself on pace for 250 km this month. since my legs already had a warm-up I ended up deciding to go for my weekly tempo run today. My legs felt good as soon as I started and ended up running 8 km in 35 minutes.

My monthly total now sits at 217 km meaning I need 33 km over the next three days which should definitely be easy to fit into my schedule with easy runs of 10-12 km.

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