Without Limits


Last night I took the time to watch Without Limits which I received for Christmas. If you are not familiar with the movie, it follows the life of Steve Prefontaine from the efforts to recruit him to join the track team at the University of Oregon to his tragic death in 1975.

I was only somewhat familiar with the story of Prefontaine’s life before watching the movie. The movie does a good job showing his rise to fame while at the University of Oregon and how he pushed himself to be the best. I would recommened the movie to anyone who has an interest in running.

Another interesting aspect to the movie is the depiction of the relationship between Prefontaine and legendary coach Bill Bowerman. The movie certainly piqued my interest in reading more about Bowerman and the Men of Oregon which I will probably end up picking up after I read Duel in the Sun which will likely end up being my next review on here.

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