Boston Marathon Update

Earlier this week the Boston Globe a couple of articles on the BAA’s efforts to address the registration problems that occurred this year – BAA is caught in a numbers game and BAA will make adjustments.

The following statement from one of the articles gives an indication of how the issue will end up being addressed, “The final formula will involve a combination of adjustments to the qualifying standards, field size, and registration start date and window during which runners can qualify. It is highly unlikely any form of lottery will be instituted.”

As for myself, I will be 35 on race day in 2012 and currently that would mean needing to run a 3:15 qualifier. However, I am fully anticipating that the qualifying standards will be tightened and I will have to run faster than that should I want to run in 2012. I also anticipate they will shorten the current qualifying window since the current regulations allow people who run a qualifier later in the year to use their time twice if they are able to register to run Boston two years in a row.

What do you think will be or should be done?

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