Training Program for a Marathon

Since it is almost time to start my 18 week training program in order to prepare for the Ottawa Marathon in May, I have begun looking at various training programs available in order to find one that would help me achieve my goals in 2011.

This year I used two different training programs. For my spring marathon I used the Running Room 18 week marathon training program. Since this training program appears to include the minimum mileage required to be ready for a marathon, I looked for a different option for my fall marathon and ended using the Runners Work Smart Coach program to generate an 18 training program. This option allowed me shave 10 minutes off my time from the spirng (3:32-3:22 which I think was in large part due to the increased mileage included in my training for the fall marathon).

Seeing as how my goal for 2011 is to further improve my time, I would like to find the right training program that will leave me in the best position to do just that. So far I am tempted to ry one of the Hal Higdon programs.

Let me know what has worked for you so far…

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