Are Runners Crazy?

Some nights when I run home from work I think some of my colleagues must think I am crazy for running when I do. Tonight was a perfect example of that as it was -11 C or -20 with the windchilll when I left the office. Once I got going it really wasn’t bad and other than having frost on my eyebrows I did not notice the cold at all because I was dressed for it but I am sure some people still thought I was crazy when they saw me running.

Who knows maybe I am crazy for running in the weather I do at the hours I do but at least when I run I usually encounter a couple of other runners along the way (four tonight) so I know I am not the only one. What do you think?

On another note, if you follow running blogs you have probably come across bloggers promoting ultimate stocking stuffer giveaways. I came across another one. If you are interested, Scott over at iRunnerBlog posted one today.

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