Are Race Fees too High?

I came across a blog post today that posed the question whether race fees are too high. I had not really considered the question before and the post got me thinking about the question.

It might seem like race fees are getting more expensive but you also have to take into consideration the fees incurred by the race promoters (policing, food, medical staff etc).

If there is a race I really want to do then the entry fee is not really a consideration for me. The entry fee for the Ottawa Marathon is $100 for 2011 but with it being the only marathon here in Ottawa I will definitely be registering for the race.

I have only run one out of town marathon so far and the cost of race fees was a consideration for me. When I decided to run a fall marathon this year my choices were PEC and one of the Toronto marathons. The fact the cheaper one was definitley something I considered when I made my choice since I also had to factor in the cost I would incur by travelling out of town.

What do you think, are race fees too high?

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