Winter Running

It looks like winter running conditions are back after the freezing rain and snow we have received this week. I plan to continue my regular running schedule over the winter.

I ran regularly last year and did not find it too bad as long as I was prepared for the conditions. The most important thing is to dress warm enough for the conditions without putting on too many layers because you will get cold when you start to sweat. A toque and a warm pair of gloves are also important when it comes to staying warm in the cold weather.

A trick I discovered last year to help with footing in icy and snowy conditions is using screw shoes. I had an old pair of shoes laying around and went out to a hardware store and bought some screws after I found this idea online. I used my screw shoes when the sidewalks and roads were icy and covered in hard packed snow and found them to be helpful.

Of course while I do plan to continue running over the winter there are still days where I won’t run. This week I had planned two early morning runs but had to delay them to the evening because we received freezing rain overnight and the sidewalks were like a skating rink. I will also move my runs indoor to a treadmill when it gets too cold out (-30 and below).

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