Early Morning Running

When I trained my for PEC over the summer I ran most of my weekday runs early in the morning before getting ready for work. This meant getting up at 5:00 and being out the door by 5:30 at the latest. This plan worked well for me, especially when I had 15-18 km scheduled for my weekday runs. It was nice to have my run finished before my day started and not to have to worry about staying motivated to do it after work.

Once I started running again after the marathon in October, I returned to my previous routine of bringing a change of clothes to work and running home with my backpack. This also worked well but now that I am having to bring more with me due to the colder weather and the fact that I will now be running in the dark regardless of whether I run in the morning or after work I am planning to start running before work again.

I had planned for today to be my first early morning run but we received freezing rain overnight meaning the roads and sidewalks were covered in ice when I got up this morning. I am planning to run after work today but will try to get the morning routine started again tomorrow. As long as I can get myself in the habit of going to bed earlier the transition should not be too difficult.

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