Off-leash Dogs

I don’t know if I am encountering more than before or if I just didn’t pay attention to off-leash dogs before but it is something that I noticing more on my regular runs. In particular, I regularly run into off-leash dogs in two spots I regularly run through. First I should point out that I am saying this as someone who loves dogs and is a dog owner, my wife and I adopted a retired racing greyhound three years ago.

It is not so much being approached by the dogs that bothers me it is the seemingly lackadaisical attitude of owners that bothers me. I have had dogs jump up at me or try to follow me as I am running and the response from the owner always seems to be the same. Either they don’t react because they think people don’t mind being approached by their dog or they will try telling you it is ok because their dog is friendly.

If you are in Ottawa and wondering which areas I am referring to they are the Experimental Farm and the Oblate lands by St Paul University, neither of which is an off-leash dog area.

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